Area Records Enters Final Days

By Mary Warner ’21
Arts & Entertainment Editor

     Area Records and Music has been a Geneva institution for forty years, beloved by students and community members alike.  However, the store will be closing its doors.  Area Records’ owner, Mikel George, loves the store and is passionate about music but also ready to retire.  “I could have kept going for two or three more years, but I want to enjoy the next years of my life.  I figured that the fortieth anniversary was a good stopping point, a round number,” George said, speaking about his decision to retire now. 


When Mandatory Attendance Policies Hurt Students

By Adelaide Fowle ’19

            Every student knows the feeling; your alarm is blaring impossibly loudly, your head is pounding, you’re tired, you’re groggy and your bed has never felt more comfortable. But what’s the one thing that drags you out of bed? Nine times out of ten it’s knowing that your professor’s attendance policy means that you need to get your sorry butt out of bed and down to Stern ASAP.

FLX Live Opens Doors

By Dan Bristol ’18

Editor in Chief

“Let’s start a bar.” It is a thought that many college students have across the country, but very few see their dreams come true. Hobart alumni Ian Pattison ’16, Nick LaChance ’16 and Scott Heffner ’16 accomplished that dream in August when they opened Geneva’s newest music venue: FLX Live. What began as an idea for just another bar downtown morphed into the music venue and events space that now stands on Exchange Street.

Title IX Office Mandates New Online Course: “Not Anymore”

By Quinn Cullum ’18
News Editor

The Title IX Office at Hobart and William Smith has launched a new online course, Not Anymore, for all students this Fall. Completion of this course is mandatory for all students and must be finished by Sunday, October 1. If left incomplete by the deadline, students will be placed on social probation until the course is taken.

Geneva Awarded $10 Million Development Grant

By Jack Krivit ’21
Staff Writer
As part of a Downtown Revitalization Initiative in the Finger Lakes region, Downtown Geneva was awarded a grant of $10 million dollars in 2016. Currently, the area represents over 200 firms and nearly 1,500 jobs in the central business district alone, already making it a center of major employment. This grant will allow Geneva to transform its historic downtown into a lively destination, offering various retail, dining, cultural and entertainment opportunities to an expanding workforce and members of the three local colleges.

Career Services Office Offers “Handshake”

By Jack Krivit ’21

Staff Writer

As of this school year, the Career Services Office is offering students a revolutionary new way to connect and interact with recruiting employers and build their career community. This program, known as Handshake, offers guidance to students who are looking to find and achieve the best jobs and internships available to them in a personal way.

Why Everyone Should Study Aborad

By Ryan Carson ’18

Opinions Editor

I think its fairly common these days, someone you know updates their Facebook profile picture to reflect their newfound freedom in a foreign country. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else, as I don’t think I was in Greece for more than two days before I updated mine.  While I might be a bit facetious here, I really do believe in the ability for a study abroad to change one’s outlook on life.