John Grotzinger ’79 Named Commencement Speaker for 2018

By Quinn Cullum ‘18

The 2018 Commencement Address will be delivered by John P. Grotzinger ’79 S.D. ’13. A leader the field of geology, Grotzinger made history as the project scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory when the NASA team that he led successfully landed the Curiosity rover on Mars and confirmed that the environment there could support life.


The Martini Publishes Incendiary Piece

On Monday, February 5, the Martini published an incendiary piece that can only be qualified as an Op-Ed –although there was no real purpose, opinion, or point to the piece as a whole. By the late afternoon, one particular paragraph from that piece was circulating around campus, from the @BossBitchTheory Instagram account to messaging chains. To say it provoked a response would be a gross understatement. The piece and its underlying message prompted a wide campus discussion on the nature of sexual harassment and questionable behavior from the men on campus.

Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers of the Herald,

In 1879, the Herald was established by the students of Hobart & William Smith Colleges for the students of Hobart & William Smith Colleges as well as the greater community. As we began our transition in the fall semester to a refocused Herald, there were discussions over what constituted student journalism and what was important for the Herald, as the student newspaper, to cover. Beyond the con nes of our campus there have been many opinions about the integrity of journalism and its reception within the community. This has in uenced how journalists work and the pieces they report on; this should not be the case.

Disconnect in Sodexo Kitchens

By Henry Duerr ’20
Herald Contributer

When I first arrived on campus at HWS, I was a little disappointed with the food options on campus. I come from a household that really focuses on communal eating: meals are meant to be shared, savored, and prepared in the home. I was unfamiliar with this centralized hub of food activity on campus. So, I did what any overly nosey person would do: I took a job with Sodexo.

Welcome Back Concert Leads to Student Criticsm

By Wren Andrews ’21
Herald Contributor

Common adjectives used to describe this year’s Welcome Back Concert included, but were not limited to: messy, disorganized, unsafe, and bad. Any calculated or logical attempt to enter the venue proved futile – there was apparently a massive bottleneck leading up to the doors, featuring extremely loose security that culminated in grapevine stories rumoring that a ten-year-old and multiple Geneva high schoolers were in attendance.  A student EMS worker reported “six EMTs at the concert on standby for any medical emergencies…” and that Finger Lakes Ambulance did have a vehicle at the field house for any transports – which should be concerning, considering that medical services essentially expect a decent number of students to need these emergency people and vehicles. In terms of the musical aspect of the occasion, one student said that Boogie “didn’t even play a full song.” As she described it, “a song would play for around 45 seconds, then an air horn effect was used, which immediately transitioned into the next song. I thought I was watching a hype man dance around on stage, not the artist himself.” She continued to rank the event as “an overall 2/10 experience,” adamantly indicating that she would “not do it again.” To make matters worse, the artist didn’t even live up to his namesake, as he “didn’t even have a hood.”

Seneca Falls Women’s March

By Mary Warner

Arts & Entertainment Editor

On January 20, 2018, millions of protestors gathered in cities around the world to participate in the Women’s March.  One of these protests took place in Seneca Falls, NY, home to the Women’s Rights National Historic Park.  Around 15,000 people attended the march and a number of people spoke at the event, including Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. 

Changes for the College Store

By Phoebe MacCurrach ‘18
Herald Contributor

Upon return from Winter break, many students noticed there have been some large changes made to The College Store. While what students have noticed are mainly changes in layout and organization, there is a much larger change that is underway. Under the new administration, The College Store now under the direction of the Communications Office. Under this new direction and guidance of The Office of Communications, The College Store is engaged in a branding initiative.