Welcome Back Concert Leads to Student Criticsm

By Wren Andrews ’21
Herald Contributor

Common adjectives used to describe this year’s Welcome Back Concert included, but were not limited to: messy, disorganized, unsafe, and bad. Any calculated or logical attempt to enter the venue proved futile – there was apparently a massive bottleneck leading up to the doors, featuring extremely loose security that culminated in grapevine stories rumoring that a ten-year-old and multiple Geneva high schoolers were in attendance.  A student EMS worker reported “six EMTs at the concert on standby for any medical emergencies…” and that Finger Lakes Ambulance did have a vehicle at the field house for any transports – which should be concerning, considering that medical services essentially expect a decent number of students to need these emergency people and vehicles. In terms of the musical aspect of the occasion, one student said that Boogie “didn’t even play a full song.” As she described it, “a song would play for around 45 seconds, then an air horn effect was used, which immediately transitioned into the next song. I thought I was watching a hype man dance around on stage, not the artist himself.” She continued to rank the event as “an overall 2/10 experience,” adamantly indicating that she would “not do it again.” To make matters worse, the artist didn’t even live up to his namesake, as he “didn’t even have a hood.”