Letter From the Editor

I didn’t write a letter from the editor in the most recent edition of The Herald, if I had written one this is what I would have published:

I’ve fought hard for The Herald this semester, through both budget cuts and the general apathy of the HWS community. I didn’t just do it because I am a masochist, I did it because on whatever day any HWS students wants to make their voice heard I want to make sure they have a medium to amplify their pain, struggle, or happiness, and that combined with informing the community of campus events is the purpose of The Herald. I dedicate the thousands of words I write, the sleepless nights, and the weeks of hard work to make sure that there continues to be a voice for the students of Hobart and William Smith Colleges (regardless of how many of you use this service.) This can’t happen alone and what I need most is students willing to dedicate an hour to express themselves publicly. Write for The Herald, if for no other reason, because you want to make your voice heard when you feel that no one else is listening.


IFC Considers First Year Bids

By Dan Bristol ‘18
Editor in Chief

As offices around Hobart and William Smith Colleges work to improve retention rates of first year students, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) has a suggestion of its own: allow Hobart students to join fraternities in the spring semester of their first year.

You Need to Vote

By Dan Bristol
Editor in Chief

As we watched the results feed stalled out no one in the room could believe the results. A special election where over 20,000 voters voted, where over $1 million had been spent, where hundreds of volunteers went out to knock on doors during a 2014 polar vortex had come down to 9 votes (a week long election canvas later finalized the official results at a 7 vote difference.)

Vincent Inaugurated as HWS President

October 27, 2017

By Dan Bristol ’18

Editor in Chief

            Gregory Vincent ’83 was inaugurated as the President of Hobart and William and Smith Colleges. The ceremony at Trinity Episcopal Church in Geneva, NY marked the official installation of President Vincent who has been serving in this role since the summer. While this inauguration was the official start of President Vincent’s term, it is merely ceremonial for a President who has already served for almost a quarter of a year and shaken up several pieces of the administrative structure, notably the restructuring of the Office of the Provost.

FLX Live Opens Doors

By Dan Bristol ’18

Editor in Chief

“Let’s start a bar.” It is a thought that many college students have across the country, but very few see their dreams come true. Hobart alumni Ian Pattison ’16, Nick LaChance ’16 and Scott Heffner ’16 accomplished that dream in August when they opened Geneva’s newest music venue: FLX Live. What began as an idea for just another bar downtown morphed into the music venue and events space that now stands on Exchange Street.