Sustainable Development to be Built in Geneva

By Aldo Giannattasio ‘19

Part of downtown Geneva is being revamped with the development of townhomes that run off of solar power in what is an estimated 8.5 million dollar project.


Composting Buckets Distributed to Odell’s Units

By Alex Borreil

Staff Writer

Odell’s has a new composting system that has been set up by the Office of Sustainability. This effort was put in place to help reduce the amount of waste that is continuously put into our landfills each year. But there is question on whether or not students will be loyal to the system.

To “Go Greek”or Not, an Honest Opinion

By Ryan Carson

Opinions Editor

I hear a lot of discussion recently about whether or not the administration of Hobart and William Smith should allow first year students to rush fraternity and sorority organizations in the spring of their first year. Frankly, I’m indifferent to the idea. I say so in large part because I’ve attended two different schools in my undergraduate education. One university allowed for spring first year rush, while Hobart currently prohibits it. To me, there is a far larger question that needs to be addressed, regardless of when an individual can “go Greek”, the question that is dominating college campus across the United States is should a person actually want to join a fraternity or sorority.

You Need to Vote

By Dan Bristol
Editor in Chief

As we watched the results feed stalled out no one in the room could believe the results. A special election where over 20,000 voters voted, where over $1 million had been spent, where hundreds of volunteers went out to knock on doors during a 2014 polar vortex had come down to 9 votes (a week long election canvas later finalized the official results at a 7 vote difference.)

D’Agata Reads for Trias

By Mary Warner

Arts and Entertainment Editor

The English Department is currently holding a series of readings curated by John D’Agata, this year’s Trias Writer in Residence.