Toxic Algae Blooms in Owasco Lake Sparks Concerns About Safe Drinking Water

By Noelle Nichols ‘18

High levels of toxins from algae blooms have been reported lakewide in Owasco Lake on Sept. 24, and people in the region are concerned about the future of their safe drinking water.

The Cayuga County Health Department recently published information regarding a previously undetected cyanotoxin, homo-anatoxin, in Owasco Lake which as a result has led to traces of this toxin in the city of Auburn’s drinking water.

The homo-anatoxin is now in the water near the Indian Cove and the Buck Point area of Owasco Lake due to the lake’s most recent harmful algae bloom, HAB, according to a Cayuga County Health Department press release.

Homo-anatoxin is just one cyanotoxin produced as a result of HABs from cyanobacteria, more commonly known as blue-green algae.

Algae page 4


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